Over the last few years Excelsior 4 Limited have carried out a 1 million refit on behalf of Development Securities at Paddington Central. The contract involved structural fit out of all retail units.

The Mail Corporation instructed Excelsior 4 Limited to undertake a 1 million pound refit of bespoke toilets at their Camberley, Norwich and Luton shopping centres.

Chelsea Harbour’s main office of 40 fit outs totalled another 1.5 million project.

Henry VIII Hotels 0.5 million pound contract included maintenance, decorating, carpeting and furniture.

Sea Containers House, one of our well established and long running contracts of 25 years, include fit outs and small works.

  • Office refurbishments. This incorporates partitioning, solid, part glazed and silicone glazed.
  • False ceiling, mineral, fibre, plasterboard and metal pan
  • Solid veneered doors
  • Raised access floors
  • Full power and lighting
  • Hard and soft floor coverings
  • Metre wide vinyl and decorating
  • Design and build
  • Data cabling
  • Aids and adaptations
Heron Tower

We are currently used to carrying out daily maintenance repairs to the building consisting of general repairs to doors and locks acrovyn panels, decorating, ceiling tiles, sheet vinyl flooring, glazing and many other types of works.

Lloyds register

We have worked within this property for small and major works. We have installed new glazed partitioning, silicon glazed, decorating, ceilings replacements, secondary glazing, sheet vinyl and carpet tiles, new doors and servicing fire shutters.

Croydon Council

We have just completed various works for the borough within the town hall listed building carrying out:

  • A complete decorating and carpeting of the councillors offices.
  • Refurbished toilets, installation of kitchens and partitioning.
  • Refurbished bronze hand rails and lighting systems to entrance.
  • Installation of new railex system.
Sea Containers House

We carried out work to this building for over 25 years including many projects for internal clients. Some of the internal clients we have worked for are Delia Smith and HM Customs and Excise.

In our time at Sea Containers we had six inhouse maintenance teams carrying out various tasks such as:

  • Decorating
  • Stone repairs
  • Glazing expansion
  • Joints
  • Brickwork
  • Flooring
  • Brass restoration
  • Fire and smoke Intumescent strips
  • Metal work
  • Ground work
  • Plaster work
  • Carpentry
Henry VIII hotel in Bayswater

We carried out a partial refit of 107 rooms and all communal areas which included matching existing furniture, carpets, and decorating.

Office refurbishment - General maintenance - Bespoke refit